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Together we can do it – Paceña new cans Ad

Thirsty to take action and change the world? Flow Studio LA, Cabruja Films and Grey Argentina join forces and ignites an advertising masterpiece. With the thirst for innovation and a passion for storytelling, they embarked on a remarkable journey to create an extraordinary ad to support «Los Bolivianos Juntos Podemos» campaign. With thousands of Paceña cans this production is  celebration of Bolivian spirit and the power of togetherness.

The campaing  envisioned a future where Paceña’s commemorative cans would pay homage to Bolivia’s brightest stars, showcasing that together, «PODEMOS!» achieve greatness. Fuelled by their imagination, the teams embraced the challenge of crafting an advertising experience that would quench the audience’s thirst for excitement and connection. Imagine a colossal tapestry, adorned with thousands of Paceña cans, each a unique work of art.

Like friends gathered to share a cold beer,In the spirit of camaraderie, Flow Studio LA and Grey Argentina blended their creative flavors to perfection. These cans stood proudly, representing the diversity and richness of Bolivian culture. They beckoned viewers to join in the celebration, to savor the spirit of unity, and to raise a glass to the power of friendship.

«Los Bolivianos Juntos Podemos» is a very accurate phrase that depicts how Flow Studio LA, Cabruja Films and Grey Argentina crafted an advertising elixir that quenched the thirst of audiences around the globe breathing life into Paceña beer’s message of unity and determination. Together, we can achieve extraordinary feats. So raise your glass and toast to the remarkable partnership that created an unforgettable advertising experience. «Los Bolivianos Juntos Podemos!»



Cervecería Boliviana Nacional CBN


Cerveza Paceña


Grey Argentina – Matias Aguilu, Fran Ibarrola, Romina Dono, Margulis Julieta, Juan Ure, Diego Medvedocky, Pablo Monila & Max Ibarra

Film Production

Cabruja Films

VFX & Post production

Flow Studio LA


Ari Evasio, Matías Sasías,


Sebastian Cabrera

Excecutive Production

Saleh Egüez, Jose Luis Cabruja, Karen Poppe

VFX Director

David Zelada

Post Production

Maxi Daens

SFX & Music house

Suena Polenta


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