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How a kid directed a shortfilm as Little Filmmaker – Mogul Bolivia

In a groundbreaking endeavor that pushed the boundaries of animation, Flow Studio LA and Arcor Bolivia joined forces to create an unforgettable contest titled «Pequeños cineastas.» This remarkable competition aimed to provide a unique opportunity for children to showcase their talent and become directors of an animated film. The stage was set, and the participants were tasked with submitting their imaginative video ideas for the iconic gummy brand, Mogul.

Months of anticipation and excitement followed as countless entries poured in, each brimming with creativity and boundless imagination. After meticulous analysis and deep deliberation, a winner emerged from the pool of young prodigies: Herber Pacheco, a remarkably talented kid. Little did he know that his victory would not only grant him recognition but also pave the way for an extraordinary collaboration with Flow Studio LA’s Animation Director, Erick Poppe.

Herber’s winning submission showcased a delightful story that exuded the importance of friendship and the joy of sharing. It was a clear testament to his visionary storytelling abilities. With this foundation, Herber and Erick Poppe set out on a thrilling journey, working side by side to bring the young director’s ideas to life. This collaboration resulted in an animated short film that will go down in Bolivian animation history. Their passion, dedication, and meticulous attention to detail culminated in a visually stunning masterpiece that captivated audiences far and wide. Witnessing the evolution of the project was nothing short of awe-inspiring. From Herber’s initial concept to the final cut, the transformation was a testament to the boundless possibilities of animation. Flow Studio LA and Arcor Bolivia shattered barriers and set new standards for Bolivian animation with their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in the realm of storytelling.

The story they crafted took viewers on an extraordinary adventure that unfolded in a world where Gummy Bears and Extreme Bears clashed in an epic contest. How does it ends? You will have to take a look at the final piece to find out!

Join us in celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of Flow Studio LA and Arcor Bolivia, as we continue to break new ground in the world of animation. This collaboration has not only provided Herber Pacheco with a platform to showcase his directorial talents but has also opened doors for countless aspiring young filmmakers. It is a testament to the transformative power of art and the endless possibilities that await those who dare to dream.



Arcor Bolivia – Mogul Bolivia


Herber Pacheco, Erick Poppe, Daniel Nuñez

Art Director

Enrique Poppe

Technical Direction & VFX

David Zelada

Production Assitance

Daniel Nuñez

Excecutive Production

Karen Poppe

Motion Graphics

Jarima Encinas, Jurgen Durán


Erick Poppe


SFX Production

Suena Polenta – Audio Branding

Original Story

Herber Pacheco




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