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Entel’s tech-savvy new mascot MAX

In an exciting collaboration between Flow Studio LA and the renowned telecommunication company Entel, a groundbreaking animated character has come to life. MAX, the lovable campaign mascot, represents the perfect blend of technological development and a captivating storyline. This pioneering project marks Bolivia’s first implementation of comprehensive motion capture techniques as the foundation for animation, complemented by digital hair grooming. MAX’s animated presence seamlessly integrates with real-world locations, breathing life into our everyday experiences.

MAX is an adorable character brought to life by the creative minds at Flow Studio LA. He embodies the essence of staying connected, embracing the joy of communication, and keeping up with the latest viral trends. With a passion for chatting, dancing, and sharing moments with friends, MAX captivates audiences of all ages.

Revolutionary Animation Techniques:

Flow Studio LA has pushed the boundaries of animation by incorporating cutting-edge motion capture technology in Bolivia for the first time. This revolutionary approach captures the nuanced movements of actors, transferring their performances onto MAX, ensuring a lifelike and captivating experience for viewers. By blending this technique with digital hair grooming, MAX boasts an unparalleled level of realism, enhancing the connection between the animated character and the audience.

Realistic Integration with Real-World Environments:

One of the standout features of Flow Studio LA’s work on Entel’s campaign is the seamless integration of MAX into real-world locations. By placing the animated character in authentic settings, MAX comes alive in our everyday lives, enhancing the relatability and impact of the campaign. The result is an immersive experience that blurs the line between animation and reality, captivating audiences and bringing MAX’s infectious energy to the forefront.

The Creative Minds Behind the Magic:

Flow Studio LA’s team of talented professionals, led by Alicia Lopez and Erick Poppe, have masterfully directed the project. Enrique Poppe, the art and production director, has ensured that MAX’s vibrant personality shines through in every frame. David Zelada, the technical director and VFX expert, has brought his expertise to the forefront, creating a seamless blend of animation and reality. Supported by the production team, led by Daniel Nuñez, Karen Poppe, and Natalia Pintox, the collaboration has resulted in a truly exceptional animation.

Unforgettable Collaborative Effort:

The success of the MAX campaign would not have been possible without the contributions of the motion graphics team, including Jarima Encinas, Jurgen Durán, Nathaly Rodriguez, and Ricardo Zapata. Their creativity and technical skills have added depth and visual richness to the animation. Erick Poppe and Reynaldo Quispe have breathed life into MAX through their exceptional animation work, while Ytalo Cabruja’s expertise as the director of photography has captured MAX’s energy and charisma with precision.

Flow Studio LA’s collaboration with Entel on the MAX campaign represents a significant milestone in Bolivia’s animation industry. By introducing motion capture techniques and digital hair grooming, they have elevated the quality and realism of animation, captivating audiences and bringing MAX’s infectious charm to life. As MAX continues to captivate hearts with his love for connection and his enthusiasm for viral trends, Flow Studio LA has set a new standard for animation in Bolivia, paving the way for future groundbreaking projects in the country.



Entel Bolivia


Alicia Lopez & Erick Poppe

Art Director

Enrique Poppe

Technical Direction & VFX

David Zelada

Production Assitance

Daniel Nuñez

Excecutive Production

Karen Poppe & Natalia Pinto

Motion Graphics

Jarima Encinas, Jurgen Durán, Nathaly Rodriguez, Ricardo Zapata


Erick Poppe, Reynaldo Quispe

Photography Director

Ytalo Cabruja

SFX Production

Suena Polenta – Audio Branding

Filming production

Cabruja Films


Making of


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